Frank E. Smith
CEO and President; Chairman, Board of Directors

Developing patented technologies for licensing to the financial, communications, computer and media industries.

Combines a new electronic payment system with access to a new electronic content system—all on one standard wallet card, and all absolutely secured by the user’s thumb-print. Addressing privacy concerns, the thumb-print is scanned and stored only in the user’s own device.

Chameleon ID, Inc. is poised for introduction into today’s information and interactive technologies: we are the future of electronic security.

Only one technology can secure your identity, your payments, your information and your media, at home and at work.

The only card anyone will ever need to carry again…the Chameleon Card.


One thought on “About

  1. Dear Mr Smith ~
    When will this launch? From what I have gathered here on this blog and your website, this technology seems just to be ‘what the doctor prescribed’. Very smart and very practical…. and certainly very much in demand (So I hope).
    With cyber-fraud on the increase and more pervasive, I am looking forward to being able to use the one-in-all card.
    (and what I particularly appreciate is the idea of the thumb-print ID being stored only one ones own computer vs a remote, collective database!)
    Best Wishes and Good luck (and please notify me when this product will be available)

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