When Chameleons Piggyback?


“My goal has been, to perfect a Chameleon technology …. that can adapt to what’s hot right now!” 

Frank E. Smith


  • How much does a smart phone cost?
  • Do everyday people use a smart phone for credit card or banking purposes?
  • Are there any security issues concerning moblie banking?


  • Can a smart phone be used to pay for gas, add time on a parking meter or to get cash from an ATM?

I have a patented technology that can be embedded into any cell phone, which would allow its user to do mobile banking plus handle transactions where a physical card is a must! .


By the way, transactions are protected through biometric security using digital fingerprint scanning technology.



8 thoughts on “When Chameleons Piggyback?

    • . Hello Folks! . I’m in the lab . working on hot products that can work with yours . . My goal has been, to perfect a chameleon technology ….. that can adapt to whats hot right now!.

      CHEERS! Frank E. Smith

  1. For those of us who have been victims of Identity Fraud the Chameleon ID Card is a Miracle.

    To know that in the near future I will only need to carry and use one card to access my Financial Life and to know that I will be protected from others is beyond amazing.

    I wish this product had been available to me twelve years ago. Having been a victim of Identity Fraud three times was more than just devastating it changed my life in ways I could not have forseen.

    To know that there is a product that will protect all of my Financial information and keep my mind free of worry is something that I definitely want and need.

    Chameleon ID is not just about preventing Fraud it is a new way of having a better life.

    I look forward to the day when almost everyone I know only carries a Chameleon ID Card.


  2. You’ve painted a pretty comprehensive picture of this new technology and where it’s headed. Their role as a successor to ‘contactless’ credit card e-payment mechanisms is going to be the ‘hot area’, and should be a big factor in their widespread adoption, over the next two years.

    Until then, many will continue to stick with more traditional payment vehicles; although there are those that have identified potential vulnerabilities with ‘contactless’ cards – and this development in itself may boost the transition times between older and newer (smart phone) systems.

    For those that are interested in this debate then there’s a promotional advertisement by RFID Protect that seems likely to be carried in the UK press soon, and which might help raise awareness. You can see a copy of the advert here:


    “Make Yourself Invisible – what they can’t see, they can’t steal” – is its central theme.

    I guess that the old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ has never been more appropriate than in these times where cyber crime is likely to increase. Maybe this is something the smart phone designers and marketeers are already thinking about?

    For instance, how do you know you have been a victim of contactless crime?

    Surely, that’s got to be one of the big questions for teh RFID industry to answer?

    Even those that say contactless technology is pretty secure – and getting ever more difficult to break – are unable to answer this question with any real certainty.

    But if you do become the victim of contactless crime you won’t know. That is the whole point!

    Even when you do discover that your personal details have been compromised, you won’t necessarily be able to trace it back to the individual who obtained your data by ‘skimming’, and it’s likely to be some time after the event that you become aware of anything untoward.

    But smart phones are a whole new ballgame, and there’s ever chance that the industry will learn from the weaknesses of earlier near-field technology; implementing better and more secure systems with the new smart phone platforms.

    But until then – for piece of mind I for one will be placing all my contactless cards and my e-passport within a (RFID) protective sleeve.

    Anyway, interesting article – thanks for posting this.


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